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A franchise of Italian Sandwiches located in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, & Vermont


Amato's, a statement of Portland, ME is a franchise of "Real Italian" restaurants that has expanded into 46 locations. We have grown to be a partnership with Amato's. From managing their social media to making menu updates to creating signage, we help Amato's spread brand awareness. Starting in 1902 and thriving in 2022, Amato's has given us the pleasure to connect with their fans across the U.S.

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Case Study

 We worked with Amato's to inform their audience of job fairs, promote specific store locations, and notify of a new online ordering processes. Below is an example of proven results of one of our campaigns with Amato's to communicate recruitment and new processes with the intention to help create more website traffic.

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Levee Design is an awesome company that really shows attention to detail and is creative. I work for Amato’s Sandwich Shops and we have 46 locations. Levee Design does a great job to work directly with us towards managing our social media. The other day I was talking to a customer , and they asked who manages our Facebook and twitter. I gladly said Levee Design. The customer raved about how engaging and creative how social media is. I can attest that Levee Design works with us throughout the week to help Amato’s protect our brand by informing us about situations positive and negative in regards to comments made online about our company.

They also are able to help with all types of signage, managing our content on our website, creating menus , takeout menus for print and digital. They have also helped us do advertising campaigns on Facebook too!

We are very pleased with their performance and we look forward to working with them for many years into the future as our business grows we know they will be there to assist Amato’s!

Peter Koffler   |  Assistant Director of Franchising

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